Why Doesn't This Fit?!?!?!

....because clothing isn't made to fit you. 

What?! Now I promise I'm not crazy. I've seen a few friends post their frustrations lately so read on sister and I'm going to give you a WHOLE lot of insight into the fashion industry. 

So, lets go back in time.....think Downton Abbey. The Crawley girls didn't just run over to the nearest store to get clothes. They went to the dressmakers. They picked out fabric. The dressmaker designed looks for their body type that worked  with THE FABRICS the girls had chosen. Then several weeks later, they got a dress or two.

Back in the day this is how it was done. Also, everything in the store was behind the counter. Then along came some innovative retailers who wanted shoppers to touch and feel items at their will and big department stores were born. Then in many years, lots of history, people demanding ready to wear fashions.....fast fashion was born. 

What is fast fashion? Basically how we shop today- in a nut shell. Lots of clothing styles in a variety of fabrics available, ready to wear in pre cut sizes made to fit the masses- not the individual.


Ok......so why doesn't it fit? 


There are SO. MANY. different combinations with fabrics, cuts, stitching details, etc. that not every body is going to fit in a S/M/L or 2/4/6/8 etc. 

True to size? My- or anyones- best guess because there is no standard. And even if every small is 28in through the bust- 28in in one fabric will fit MUCH differently than in another- especially if it has stretch or not. Styles will also look different because of your bodies proportions. You have to remember- FASHION IS ART. Art is about proportions. Yup, it's all connected. 


So it doesn't not fit because your body is weird- girl, fashion is weird. Trust me. I dig through a building full of literally MILLIONS of pieces to curate a collection of items that I think will work for my Belles. I have seen it ALL. Stuff that should never see the light of day- ya know, like some of the looks on the runway that nobody would actually wear in real life. 

 My best advice is to find yourself a good tailor. Rock it because you love it. And know that you won't look like anyone else when you wear it because your body is different, just like your style. DON'T beat yourself up because something doesn't work on your body. Also, don't worry about the size you need. I have ALL different sizes in mine. 


To sum it up, it's always good to try a variety of styles. A tailor can be your best friend. Don't get frustrated with yourself. And stay tuned for some of my favorite tips on how to pick items that work best for your body.  

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